partypoker Software Updates


This page will keep you updated with the latest software updates and new features. Visit our Party Poker software page for the latest poker software downloads

February 2017

An update to the software in February saw some of the following features implemented:

  • Flighted tournaments (Day 1a, Day 1b etc) added
  • Private high stakes cash games added
  • 8-Max tables added to the Mac client
  • Improved chat settings

October 2016

An update on October 5, 2016 saw some of the following features implemented:

  • Anonymisation of locally stored hand history files for ring games
  • Improved satellite tournament lobbies
  • Added a “hyper” filter in the tournament lobby to show hyper-turbo blind structured tournaments

There were also changes made to the timebanks in cash games, sit & go tournaments, and multi-table tournaments, as shown in the image below:


August 2016

An update on August 30, 2016, saw some of the following features implemented and bugs fixed:

  • Improvement to the filters and checkboxes in cash games, sit & go, and multi-table tournament lobbies
  • New tabs added to the Live Events section of the tournament lobby
  • Players who are sat out on heads-up tables will now be removed after five minutes of sitting out

August 2016

An update on August 3, 2016, saw some of the following features implemented and bugs fixed:

  • A new bet slider with improved customisation function, including custom bet sizes, and larger fonts.
  • Several improvements to the partypoker tournament lobby
  • Tweak to waitlists, players can now choose the type and size of game they wish to play, and automatically have a seat reserved at the next available table

March 2016

An update to the partypoker software in March 2016 saw some of the following features implemented and bugs fixed:

  • Introduction of Sit & Go Hero format. For more details, click this link.
  • Creation of flighted tournaments – tournaments with several Day 1s similar to major live tournaments
  • Players can now see the expiration date for all tournament tickets via their account on the desktop and mobile partypoker clients
  • Client Idle Pop-up – Changes have been made so the pop-up that displays after 20-minutes of inactivity doesn’t display on top of other non-poker applications
  • Added new GPPT and GPPT Mini tabs in the Dusk Till Dawn section of the tournament lobby
  • Slight amendment to the cancellation/refund policy, please contact Customer Support for full details
  • Changed the way players eliminated from tournaments during late registration are displayed in the lobby.
  • Players sat out in cash games will now be removed from the table after 15 hands, down from 25 hands.
  • Small change to how the “I am back” button is displayed when a player has sat out
  • Post deal payouts – Previously, the lobby would rank players based on their money won if they had made a deal in the tournament and continued to play. The lobby will now show the true finishing positions even if, for example, the player finishing in second place received more prize money than the player in first place
  • Fix for a rare issue regarding the dealer button when in a heads-up scenario on a six-max table

February 2016

An update to the partypoker software during February saw fees associated with all withdrawal methods removed with immediate effect. More details can be found via this link.

October 2015

A major update on October 15 saw the first phase of our “Levelling the Playing Field” project come into force, which is designed to make the playing experience more fun and fair for all partypoker players. Some of the changes included:

  • Making cash game table anonymous until a player is dealt into a hand
  • Table specific cash game waiting list removed and replaced with a global system where players are seated randomly
  • Minor bug fixes

August 2015

There was some updates applied on the morning of August 11 that resulted in a small window of downtime, mostly for sit ‘n’ go tournaments. Some of the updates included:

  • A new points store link in the left-hand navigation panel
  • Improvements to the usability of the Mac client
  • A patch to ensure smooth running on the recently launched Windows 10 operating system
  • Some small backend improvements

June 2015

There was planned maintenance on June 24 that updated a number of things including:

Live event tourney display change: Small change to the display of MTT qualifiers for live events for Dusk Till Dawn and WPT in the partypoker lobby – this helps users quickly find the Event they are looking for – we also added Series for ease of use.

lobby image

Option to disable tournament announcements: Giving you the option in the no-download client to disable tournament announcements displayed across the table felt.

June 2015

We had planned maintenance on Wed 3rd June between 0830 and 1030 am CET.


  • New Live Events Tab in the lobby: It is now possible to filter our live tournament satellites and events by World Poker Tour and Dusk Till Dawn plus you can do so via geographical location, making it easier to find the events that you would like to play in.
  • Option to disable the table announcement dialogue: You have been provided with an option to deactivate the tournament announcement that flashes across the table. To do this, you need to go to ‘Options’ > ‘Table Options’ tab on the Download client and ‘Preferences’ > ‘Table’ tab on Mac client to disable the table announcement dialog.
  • A number of bug fixes: These include rectifying a text issue in the Mac version of hand histories, mission time stamp bug no longer exists, a rare player disconnection problem and some tweaks to our reporting systems


March 2015

There will be scheduled downtime on March 9 between 10:00am and 12:00pm CET, during which time all poker-related services will be unavailable. Included in the update are:

  • Re-Entry tournaments: Certain tournaments will now be played to a re-entry format, which are similar to rebuys with the exceptions being in order to re-enter you have to bust from the said tournament and the number of re-entries are limited.
  • Tickets counter: It will now be much clearer if you have multiple tickets to a specific tournament.
  • Bug fixes: We have fixed several bugs across our Mac and PC downloadable client
  • Timebank adjustments: After feedback from our loyal customers, we have made changes to the size of the timebank for cash games, sit ‘n’ go and multi-table tournaments. The new timebanks can be seen in the table below:
Stakes Cash Games fastforward Hyper SNG Turbo SNG Standard SNG Turbo MTT Standard MTT
Micro 15 8 5 10 20 15 25
Low 15 8 5 10 20 15 25
Medium 20 10 5 10 20 15 30
High 30 15 5 10 20 15 30

On March 1, we introduced a brand new loyalty scheme that awards up to 22.22% value in the form of cash. For more details be sure to check out this blog post.

January 2015

On January 27 we added the option to play multi-table tournament (MTTs) to our Android and iOS apps.

December 2014

On December 9, we have some planned maintenance during the early morning (CET) that will have minimal impact on our services.

  • SNG Filters tab: The SNG filters were sometimes not remembering preferred options. This has now been fixed.
  • Casual Cash Games: Issues with some text at casual cash games are now resolved.
  • Stability: There was an issue where an option was causing a problem upon upgrading the software, which is now fixed completely.


On December 2, we are rolling out a major update that will result in all poker products (cash games, sit & go tournaments, multi-table tournaments and fastforward) being unavailable between the hours of 02:00 CET and 08:30 CET.

  • Auto Post Blind – All cash game blinds will be auto posted to allow a smoother and quicker transition from sitting at the table to start of play.
  • Enter button during bet/raise – You will now be able to use the ‘Enter’ button on the keyboard to bet or raise an amount, when the focus is in the bet amount edit box.
  • ‘Late Reg’ status changing to ‘Running’ states – When you are playing in a late registration tournament, the tournament status will now show Running – previously status remained as Late Reg.
  • Checkboxes for Running/Completed tourneys & Display of number of tourneys – You will now be offered a quicker way of showing/hiding ‘Running’ and ‘Completed’ tournaments on the client in the form of individual checkboxes
  • Group casual cash games of same stakes for download clients – This is an extension of our ‘group tables’ feature, which will be now applied to Casual Cash Game tables. Casual Cash Game table of the same stakes will be separately grouped together in the classic lobby view
  • Addition of tourney ticket column for classic lobby view – We have added a separate column to display the tournament ticket icons. This column will facilitate for easy sorting of the tournaments that allow registrations using his available tourney ticket entries.
  • Logo on Casual Cash Game tables – Players playing at casual cash game tables will have a table felt showing the casual cash logo. This will help players differentiate between the regular and casual cash tables
  • One Click lobby – Casual Cash games – Our one click lobby view will now include tiles for casual cash games that will directly take you to the casual cash game table of the selected stake.
  • Christmas themed client – Since we’re fast approaching the season of Christmas, we will be adopting a Christmas theme on our main lobby, table felt and the player avatar – this is only applicable to the client, changes will apply till early January

September 2014


On September 25, we are rolling out a major update that will result in all partypoker products (cash games, sit & go tournaments, multi-table tournaments and fastforward) being unavailable from 08:00 CET to 10:00 CET.

Here are some of the changes you can expect to see.

  • Auto-Rebuy & Auto-Add-on feature on Classic table – The Auto Add-on and auto-rebuy feature will now be extended to players using the classic poker table theme.
  • My Tournaments count – Players will now be shown the number of tournaments that they are registered to by the My Tournaments icon/link in the lobby.
  • Tournament Ticket lobby count – Players will now be shown the number of tournament tickets that they have available by the notification icon for tournament tickets in the footer on the main lobby.
  • Show Running and Completed Tournaments – Players will now be offered a quicker way of showing/hiding ‘Running’ and ‘Completed’ tournaments.
  • Show Tournaments – This option will show players that as per the tourney filters set, the tournament listing only shows a subset of the total number of active tournaments at that moment in time. This feature currently only applies to the download Mac client and the no download poker client.
  • Late Registration tournaments displaying starting chips – Players can now see the starting chip amounts during late registration to help them decide if they want to play in a tournament
  • Resolve Some Bug Issues – We have resolved over 20 bug reported to us by players

August 2014


Tomorrow (22.08.2014)  we will be releasing a software patch, which will result in a period of downtime for multi-table tournaments from 02:30 ET / 08:30 CET until 03:30 ET / 09:30 CET. The patch will address a display issue with bounty tournaments.

1. Faster loading of the No Download client on first launch: We’ve sped up the loading time for the ND client by 50% from the previous load times.

2. Allow non-admin users on MAC to upgrade – This change will allow for non-admin users to upgrade their clients which at the moment is only restricted to the admin user(s) for that Mac machine.

3. partypoker.NET : MAC client – We’ve the included the MAC download client as a new channel for our players. This client will have phoenix features restricted to the play money side as is offered on the windows download client.

4. Faster loading on partygammon: We’ve made changes to the client that will now display the login page for the client almost instantaneously.

5. We’ve made a table felt change for on our VC and MAC clients. This is to promote our $500,000 guaranteed tournament scheduled for the 21st of September 2014. This table felt will only take effect if the player has the modern table theme selected (does not show for the classic table theme) and will display for play as well as real money tables.

July 2014


Tomorrow (16.07.2014) we will be releasing a software patch. There will be no downtime as a result of this and the patch will include the following:

  1. When a player is dealt into a hand and uses the auto fold option, his hand is folded. We fixed an issue for his folded cards that were not displayed when he hovers the mouse over his own player avatar.
  2. We had a few complaints from players using the No Download client with the IE browser version -7.0 or 8.0 on Windows machines using the WinXP operating system in specific. We’ve fixed a lag with the listing of tables in the lobby and a few text overlap issues.
  3. Fix to not display the ‘Please take a seat’ message in the message pane of a full heads-up table. We only offer the player an option in the form of a button, to join the waitlist for that table.
  4. We have corrected the list of table stakes to show only unique available stakes from where private cash tables can be created with the inclusion of a personalized password.
  5. There was a freeze observed on the windows download client when the player tries to sort on the Type column in the poker lobby cash games tab. This has now been addressed to work efficiently.


We will release a software patch tomorrow, 10.07.2014, at 03:00 ET. This will result in a period of downtime. The patch will address the following:

Late registration functionality is changing and late registration will now close when one of these is hit:

  • The scheduled late registration close time is reached
  • A player is paid out from the prize pool

June 2014


We have today released a patch containing the following:

  • openSSL new upgrade: A security patch given by openSSL to upgrade to the new version of 1.0.1 H.
  • Various technical fixes to improve client stability

May 2014


There will be scheduled server maintenance starting at 21:00 ET on 27.05.2014 (02:00 / 03:00 BST/CEST 28.05.2014  which will result in a period of downtime. Prior to this there will be a reduced multi-table tournament schedule. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

New features:

Auto-rebuy and Auto-add on feature:

We introduced persistent options on the tournament table to allow for a player to rebuy/add-on automatically into a tournament.

Rebuy: The automatic rebuy functionality is currently available only for the modern themed tables; players who have the classic theme selected will be shown a rebuy popup message when a player’s chip count goes to zero before the first break.

Players will anyways have the option to initiate a rebuy themselves, in cases where their chip balance is not necessarily down to zero, but is lower than the starting tournament chip count.





The add-on persistent option is only available on the modern theme tables. Players will be able to add-on to his chip count in the tournament during the first break.

In case the auto buy-in persistent option is selected, an auto add-on of chips will be executed after deducting the amount for the add-on, added to the tourney prize pool.




Change to rebuy time:

We have reduced the rebuy time to 20 seconds to allow for faster game play at tournaments.

High carding

Seating on our tournaments is done randomly and we would like to do away with the practice of high carding for the dealer button at the start of all tournaments (Sit n Go and Multi table tournaments). Hence the dealer button would be assigned to seat no: 1 at the table with the first hole card being dealt to the next player in clockwise direction. The same logic of doing away with high carding also applies to all heads-up tourneys.

5 Handed SnG

We will be offering our players with 5-seater SNGs so that the tourneys start and finish sooner. This kind of format seems rather popular amongst players looking for a quick game with a fairly decent prize pool.


Other items:

1) There was an issue with starting tournament chip stack and chips in play not displaying correctly in the Headsup tournament lobby on a windows download client. This has now been fixed

2) Fix for Hand Histories respective to the Pokerfest tournaments not being saved.

3) We’ve fixed an issue of client restarting in the scenario where a player navigates from play money tournaments tab in the lobby to real money tournaments tab. This only occurs sometimes where the client restarts but doesn’t prompt the player for his login credentials again.

4) When players rejected the deal making process at the final tournament table, and closed the deal making window, the deal making window did not display for such players in the event of new deal making offer from other players for the MAC download client. This has now been resolved.

5) In a very rare scenario where the player attains the dealer button in a new hand but times out of the hand, the dealer button was not displayed at the table although game play was fine with all rules adhered to. This has now been resolved.

6) We fixed an issue where the player’s account currency was shown as the cost of add-ons during the addon period. Ex: • Add-on cost is $1.84 but shows in pop-up to player kr1.84

7) We’ve fixed an error where Party points accrued reflected as zero in the top account area for a .com download client with German as the client language.

We welcome and encourage feedback, so if you have any questions about anything contained in this release, please contact


Today’s client patch saw the following changes…

1. New casino icons; we’ve changed the design of our casino icons and updated our table so that both blackjack and roulette are displayed at the same time, instead of alternatively.



2. We’ve updated the display of our new universal sit out feature. When playing at a single table we don’t display the toggle since it is not relevant to a player only active on a single table. When a player opens a second table, the toggle is then displayed. We also updated the behaviour of the more information icon (?) because we noticed it would not display if a play clicked on the button while waiting for the mouse over text to appear.


April 2014


Yesterday we released a patch which contained the following improvements/fixes:

  • Grouping for Sit n Go tourney will now by default sort by buy-in Low to High
  • We will be removing the information icon in right hand pane for single table tournaments as this is more information for Multi table tournaments.
  • For Sit n Go tournament grouping – The issue of rows scrambling on lobby refresh has been fixed
  • We have reduced the width of register now column to fit around the register button in the small client view.
  • SNG and MTT lobby small view will have a scroll in the right hand panel.

March 2014


We will release an updated version of our poker software on 24.03.2014. This will result in a period of downtime from 21:00 EST on 24.03.2014 (03:00 CET on 25.03.2014). We apologise for any inconvenience. The update will included a number of new features and fixes.

New features:

New tourney info side panel for Sit & Gos

  • We’ve made UI improvements on Sit & Go side panel providing more details about the tournament.

Sit & Go side panel options: Option to turn ON/OFF in preferences [download client only]:

  • Addition of exclusive options to show/hide Sit & Go side panel in the advanced lobby.

Side panel option kept ON:



Side panel option turned OFF:


Advanced lobby Sit & Go tournaments grouping:

  • We’ve added the capability to group/ungroup Sit & Go’s for the classic view of the main lobby identical to the cash games group table feature. This grouping only works for the 1-Table listing of Sit n Go tournaments in the classic view of the main lobby

Show tourney ticket icon in the buy-in column of main lobby:

  • We are displaying a ticket icon for the classic view under the buy-in column of the tournaments tab. This makes it very easy for our players to comfortably identify a tournament that he can register to using his available tournament tickets.

6Remembering Column Widths [download client only]

  • When a player customizes the column widths in the advanced lobby, these changes will be remembered within/across sessions. This change has been done for download/MAC clients across all brands.

Qualifier and information icons added in right hand panel:
This change will allow for better visibility and ease to play qualifiers to bigger tourney events. We’ve added the qualifier and information icons in the right hand panel for these tournaments. We will be removing the information icon previously displayed besides the name of the tournament in the advanced lobby grid.



Rematch in tourneys using either tourney tickets or cash:

  • We’ve incorporated a feature that will allow a player the choice to either use cash or any available tournament tickets in case of a rematch to a tournament. With this change, we’ve resolved the limitation we had earlier where available tourney tickets for a player were not supported in a rematch to a heads-up tournament.

Highlight the current blind level in an active tournament:

  • We’ve used the branding colours of the client to correctly highlight the current blind level in a tournament.

9Addition of Casino in left hand navigation:

We have replaced the games link with that of Casino in the left hand navigation of the Poker client.


We fixed a number of issues in the release:

1) Error message for a wrong password entered when logging into the client was displaying in a separate popup. This has now been resolved to show in the login window itself.

2) Player using a mac client was able to select more than one preferred seating options using the Options section (Table seating preferences) on the client. This has now been fixed on the MAC client to only allow for one preferred seat to be selected.

3) When a player plays on 2 tables simultaneously, there sometimes was an issue with the keyboard shortcuts for the client where it did not allow for action on the 2nd table using shortcuts. This issue with the keyboard shortcuts has now been resolved.

4) Issue with the column filter resizing – This was an issue where a column filter having no scroll bar if resized did not allow for a user to select the existing filter items displayed under the column and caused a shadow for the area resized.

5) In cases of players being disconnected at a no disconnection protection table, where they’ve invested a fair amount of money in the pot, they are eligible for extra time (lifeline) to reconnect and continue in the hand. We had an issue with players not being awarded enough lifeline time which has now been fixed.

6) Fix for a sit out issue on the 7 card stud fixed limit tables.

7) Fix for the incorrect tooltip displayed in the German Poker client when no play money tournaments are displayed.

8) Fix to auto buy-in functionality where it does not trigger a low balance error message when the player’s balance is lower than minimum balance required to buy in to the table.

9) Fix for no text displayed on the pop-up for a Mac client when a player tries to rebuy and has insufficient funds.

10) Fix for auto re-buy to Max when the option was checked under the client options section did not reflect as checked on the table.

11) Sort order of the ‘Type’ column was not correct in the download client which has been corrected.

12) Fix for tournament break being displayed on the table in certain cases where the hand was in progress. We’ve incorporated a change to check if the game play is paused with no new hands being dealt before displaying the tournament break message across tables.

13) Incorrect final table team was displayed in a heads-up tournament. This has now been resolved to only retain the initial table theme (classic/modern) from the start of the tournament.

January 2014


We will release an updated version of our poker software today (29.01.2014). This will result in a period of downtime from 21:00 EST 29.01.2014 / 03:00 CET 30.01.2014. We apologise for any inconvenience. The update will included a number of new features and fixes.

New features:

Tournament lobby changes

A design change for the right hand panel displaying important tournament information in a clearer way. Where players have free entries to certain tournaments, the tournament listing will display a ticket icon in the buy-in column depicting that the player can use his/her ticket to that tournament type. The width of the column in the lobby listing the various tournaments has also been adjusted. If users make a change to the default width of a column, this will be remembered for their next login.


‘My tickets’ option

We have introduced the ‘My tickets’ button in the poker lobby footer which opens a pop-up displaying all available tickets with an option to buy-in straight into the tournament. Clicking the ‘my tickets’ link will display a popup window listing the player’s tournament tickets. The ‘my tickets’ link in the lobby footer is available for both one click and classic view lobbies.


Multi table tournament tab – Default to ‘Registering’

We have changed the sorting under the tournaments tab to display tournaments in the “Registering” phase as a default from the earlier listing of mixed tournaments listed in various stages. There is also an option to view running and completed tournaments.



Addition of Sit and Go tournaments in the ‘My tickets’ section

Currently, only multi table tournaments accepting a tournament ticket are displayed in ‘My tickets’. This change will now also now display Sit & Go tournaments accepting relevant tournament tickets.

Poker side games opening size

Poker side games such as Blackjack and Roulette currently open as a large game window when launched from the Poker client which would overlap an open poker table. This has now been optimized to scale the size of the casino game window to 75% of the original size. However, players have an option to maximize the Casino game window to 100% of its size if they wish.


New Add-on pop up

This change will now display an add-on pop up to players at start of add-on time whilst at the tournament table. This provides players with an easy and fast method to replenish their stack with more chips. In cases where the player has his focus away from the poker client, the client window in the taskbar will flash when the tournament has just entered into the add-on period.

Finally an issue which caused delays when players open tournament lobbies that are in running state has been resolved.

If you have any questions about anything contained in this release, please contact

December 2013


We will release an updated version of our poker software today (18.12.2013). This will result in a period of downtime from 21:00 EST 18.12.2013 / 03:00 CET 19.12.2013 . We apologise for any inconvenience. The update will include a number of new features and fixes.

New features:

  • Reintroduction of Seven Card Stud Hi (cash and tournaments) and Hi/Lo (cash games), which can be found using the classic lobby view of the poker client.


  • We have introduced a new feature to allow players to view their tournament tickets. This feature will be accessible via the ‘Account’ and ‘Rewards’ section in the poker lobby and will allow players to also view all tournaments where they can use their ticket(s), with direct access to the tournament lobby where they can register. Initially it will only be scheduled tournaments that will be shown here and we hope to also add SNGs in near future.




Other updates:

  • Fix to show Hyper-Turbo tournaments under advanced view filters.
  • Fix for progress bar not being displayed for achievements that need to show numerical progress.
  • Player redirection fix to a user’s profile when clicking on avatar/screen name from messages drop down , inbox , toaster popup
  • Fix to make the entire achievement toaster clickable and not just the icon on the toaster.
  • Improvement to the login page loading faster when the client is launched.
  • Fix for the ‘Register’ button to show as unregister immediately once a player just registered to a SNG tournament via the tournament lobby.
  • As a player in an active tournament, one was not able to get proper stats of his position in the tournament using the “Track my position”  option if the player switched between ‘all players’ and ‘tables’ tab. This was identified on the Mac client and is now fixed.
  • Registered player count for tournament tile in 1-click tournament lobby now updates accurately when other players want to register for the same tournament using the one click interface.
  • Introduction of sound controls for Blackjack/Roulette casino games launched from the poker client. A player can now disable the sounds if he wishes using the audio option in the footer of the casino game window.

If you have any questions about anything contained in this release, please contact


We will release a patch tomorrow (04.12.2013) to address the following:

  • SnG and MTT Advanced Lobby Optimisation
  • Fix a bug around dealer button sometimes not animating properly
  • Turbo rebuys now visible within the Turbo filter
  • Fix a Sit and Go registration issue that disabled registration in certain cases

November 2013


Dear players,

This is to let you all know we shall be releasing an updated version of our poker software tomorrow (19.11.2013) 03:10 CET (21:10 ET 18th November). This will result in a period of downtime starting at 03:10 CET on 19.11.2013. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The update will include the following:

  • Performance improvement on Poker No Download software.
  • Resolution of performance issues for players playing multiple tournaments on the MAC software.
  • Fix for coloured notes not saving on the poker download software.
  • Fix on a display issue on hole cards at the end of a hand for the Hungarian language poker software.
  • Change to the chat window mode set by the player on login which was being reset to default on the MAC software when switching between tabs on the table.
  • Fix for the last hand not getting written on Heads Up single table tourneys when a rematch is accepted.
  • Fix for bug when an add-on request is made but no chips are issued and no funds are taken.

Please also note that after tomorrow’s downtime there will be a small change to the naming convention of our multi-table tournaments:

  • Current “Speed” tournaments (5 minute blinds) will be renamed as “Turbo”
  • Current “Turbo” tournaments (3 minute blinds) will be renamed as “Hyper Turbo”
  • Current “Hyper Turbo” tournaments (3 minute blinds + short stack) will continue to be named “Hyper Turbo” but will carry a 3,000 starting stack unless otherwise stated.

In short, we are removing the “Speed” game play type name and this will be reflected in the filters.

Kind regards,


October 2013


We are releasing a software patch on 01.11.2013 which will add Sony-branded tables as part of our PS4 Freestival promotion.


There will be scheduled server maintenance starting at 04:25 CET on 10.10.2013 (23:25 ET on 09.10.2013) which will result in a period of downtime. Prior to this there will be a reduced multi-table tournament schedule. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

September 2013


We have a patch planned to go live tomorrow morning (26.09.2013) at 07.30 CET (01:30 ET) which will address the following:

  • Disconnection issue whilst playing at the tables and navigating between lobby and table at times. This will fix the disconnection issues.
  • Font issue on the table for the player’s screen name and the value (number) of the stack size or the amount of the bet in a round of betting
  • File missing error when trying to launch the client after upgrade/re-installation


Welcome to the all new See this post for full details on our new product.